Throughout my travel profession I have gone through my fair share of suitcases. One always seems to last a few around the world travels and then it begins to deteriorate. At first it didn’t both me because I considered each rip or tear to just be another stamp in my passport. In the end though it just became downright frustrating. For awhile now I have been on the hunt for a new suitcase to be my companion for future adventures. Spending long hours on my computer doing research, reading reviews, and comparing prices I stumbled across the company Away. Not going to lie, the first thing that grabbed my attention was the fact that the founders got their start at Warby Parker. I’ve been a long time fan of Warby Parker and can be seen sporting different glasses of theirs around Brooklyn. Looking more into Away though I was loving the sleek design of the suitcases and been debating whether I should make the transition over to a hardshell suitcase. After quite a few months of pondering I decided to pull the trigger.

Now I can’t attest to whether the suitcase is the be all end all due to the fact that this weekend will be my first trip using it but I guarantee I will update this post on my conclusion. I have to say I already love the suitcase though. Any sort of travel is a favorite of mine but my least favorite aspect of traveling is packing. I detest it actually. However, I found I was thoroughly enjoying myself as I packed for my weekend trip to Napa. The different compartments and options are perfect for packing, especially for someone who has over packing tendencies. Review so far is 5 stars, stay tuned for an updated review once I’m back. For the time being you can catch me on my Instagram enjoying the California sun with a glass of red in hand.

Suitcase: Away / Leather Weekender: Mahi Leather / Hat: Janessa Leone

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