Skinny Dennis x Vinyl Ranch

After living in Brooklyn for quite some time it is definitely starting to feel like home to me. I have my favorite restaurants, coffee shops and watering holes. I must say when it comes to deciding which place should be my go-to to let off steam or grab a cold beer, I usually lean towards a dive bar. The atmosphere is always right up my alley and not the mention the people you meet at dive bars are always fascinating and full of conversation. Quite a while ago I was living in Greenpoint and a new bar opened that prided itself on featuring live music and being a honky tonk in an urban jungle. Named after the country music bassist, Dennis Sanchez, Skinny Dennis was born. I’ve always been a huge advocate for live music and a lover of honky tonks, now a bar finally encompassed all of that while also giving me a place to belt out classic, legendary country songs. Even though Williamsburg has slowly become my least favorite neighborhood in Brooklyn, I will always make the trek over there on my bike to Skinny Dennis. I pride myself on being loyal in all aspects of my life.



A few weeks ago Skinny Dennis had a weekend dedicated to the great Willie Nelson for his 84th birthday. Numerous acts performed and Vinyl Ranch from Texas made an appearance to do some epic DJ’ing. One act in particular, Cale Tyson, was amazing. I have been following him and his music for awhile and seeing him live was incredible. I find it more of a memorable experience seeing artists that I know or discover in an intimate setting like Skinny Dennis rather than at a facility like Madison Square Garden. I feel more of a connection to the music and can easily move back and forth between the bar to keep a beer in hand.



There are so many great bars in Brooklyn, especially out of the Williamsburg neighborhood (yes there’s more to Brooklyn than Williamsburg). One bar in particular that I would suggest visiting though is Skinny Dennis, especially if you love live music, great cheap beer and good company.



Tip: Ask for a ‘Willie’s Frozen Coffee’, no questions asked. You’re welcome!

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