Go Your Own Way

I’m sure just like everyone else my style has evolved throughout my life. When I look at pictures of myself from middle school, high school even college I can’t believe what my style used to be like. For the longest time I would dress similar to how those around me were dressing in hopes of being accepted and fitting in. The older I got the more I realized how much I was oppressing myself and caring too much what other people thought of me. However I still find myself caring what others think of me from time to time. I’m beginning to think it’s an inevitable fleeting thought but for the first time in my life I dress the way that feels the most like me.



Numerous factors influence my style, where I grew up, the music I listen to, living in New York and traveling. I have taken bits and parts from all those things to incorporate into outfits I put together everyday. It’s not uncommon to see me rockin’ cowboy boots, which is influenced by my home roots, or all black from head to toe, the New York uniform. As frivolous as it can be how we dress can be the first representation of ourselves. It can often make or break the start of your day or tell the world what you want them to know or think. It’s a way of storytelling almost in the form of garments.



It was a long road struggling with my own identity and feeling comfortable in my own skin. I must say there is something invigorating finally feeling a sense of who I am and having a way to represent that through my style.


Top: Madewell / Jacket: Rag & Bone (old) / Denim: Madewell

Shoes: Sandro (old) / Bag: Kemo Sabe (Custom) / Glasses: Madewell


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