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Wednesday, June 21 is the official first day of Summer. Even though that is not until later this month, I usually determine the start and end of seasons by months. For me Summer begins by the start of June and goes to the end of August. With my start date of summer come and gone I wanted to celebrate the beginning of the warmer months by spending a day at Coney Island. Since moving to New York, Coney Island has been on my list of things to do here. I have heard mixed reviews from people on whether it was worth it or not and I must say I truly believe it is worth it. For our Coney Island day, we decided to venture out there on a Wednesday to avoid the weekend crowds which probably contributed to us having a wonderful experience. The weather was perfect too, it was warm enough for us to enjoy ice cream and a cold beer but not too warm that we felt like we were miserable being outside all day.



The atmosphere of Coney Island is historic, encompassing a 50’s America feel. It’s remarkable that they have been able to conserve this landmark that is able to take you back in time. You have all your classic food joints such as Nathan’s hot dogs which was founded on Coney Island in 1916. The stand on the boardwalk still has a vintage aesthetic to it along with all the other vendors keeping to the theme of the area. You then have your classic ice cream stands, a bar to grab a nice cold beer, and women selling fresh mangos on a stick with the spices to your liking.



Inside the park you have a wide range of rides to choose from, all of which remind me of the days in my childhood when the carnival would come to town and it would be the excitement of the month. And like a true traveling carnival you have an abundance of games to choose from that make you think you can win one of those infamous giant stuffed animals. But in reality, how often does someone actually win one of those, I’d really like to know. Either way it’s about the experience and memories you’re making enjoying something so classic and heavily rooted American.



Whether you live in New York or are just visiting, put Coney Island on your list of places to see. I’m here to say it is worth the trip and you’ll travel back in time for it. Relax and escape from reality to a land of rides, games, and all the food you can want. Embrace your inner child and run around the boardwalk, scream at the top of your lungs on The Cyclone, or chow down on a Nathan’s hot dog.



Top: Madewell // Overalls: Madewell // Shoes: Madewell x Adidas // Bag: Barnaby Jack (vintage) //

Sunglasses: Madewell // Bandana: Apprvl // Pin: Apprvl




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