Stay Cool, It’s The Brooklyn Way

This past week here in New York definitely determined that summer is here. Scorching hot days — where the minute you step outside you begin to melt — are upon us. My first few summers here in the city I somehow managed to survive without an AC unit. Honestly I don’t know how I did it. Last summer I gave in and finally got an AC unit and now I’m kicking myself I didn’t do it sooner. You live and learn I guess. Unfortunately I’m not a wizard (beginning to think my letter to Hogwarts got lost) and I can’t travel around the city with my own personal AC unit so what I wear is key to staying cool. I won’t deny that I get hot very easily and at times it seems like no matter what I wear I am still uncomfortable. Outfit combo that seems to work best for me is a denim skirt with a loose off the shoulder top. It helps prevent me from looking like a sloppy mess while managing to keep my body cool for the most part. The rest of the summer I will definitely be sporting different variations of this ensemble in hopes of surviving another hot New York summer.



Top: Madewell // Denim Skirt: Madewell // Hat: Janessa Leone //

Shoes: Gucci (#treatyoself) // Bag: Barnaby & Jack (vintage) // African Mudcloth: AfricaDance Bazaar 2017 find




All my fellow New Yorkers/Brooklynites if you are around this weekend here are a few things that are going on locally that you may find yours truly at!





  • Renegade Craft Fair at Brooklyn Expo Center. All details you need you can find here. This fair has some amazing vendors lined up and should be an amazing Sunday afternoon adventure.
  • All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. No better way to enjoy a Sunday Funday than at Videology Bar & Cinema watching the epicness that is The Shining while drinking some Jack Daniels. Get all the details here.
  • In between events check out Brooklyn Bavarian Biergarten that has reopened for the season today! (Friday 6/16 at 4:00 PM)
  • Finish off your Sunday with a dabble in the dark arts at Pioneer Works. They are having a Brooklyn Poets Anthology Reading, all details can be found here.


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