2017, A Year in Review

In all honesty this year has not been great. Personally a large part of it was because of today’s political climate after the 2016 election. I myself noticed a shift in the atmosphere with everyone’s demeanor and for the first time there seemed to be a lack of hope. Almost everyday waking up I would dread grabbing my phone, afraid of what new CNN or NY Times update there would be. Besides the stress of the political state of our country, it seemed like my personal life was taking note and following trend.



I celebrated my birthday last year during a time where my professional career was at a stall and I was consumed by a sense of aimlessness. It felt like everyone around me was on the right track for their careers and I was just in a state of dark limbo, flailing. Right before going into summer my apartment got infested with New York City’s state bug, the cimex lectularius (also known as the bed bug). This was the second time in less than a year so the apartment hunting began for a new place. Halfway through the summer I had the joy of being hit by a car on my bike and the driver driving off. It was an incident that really shook me to my core, I will say I am a more vocal biker now in Brooklyn and have no problem letting cars know that I’m there.  A few weeks after that I unfortunately threw out my back so badly that I had to start seeing a chiropractor and begin physical therapy. This of course happened right before my sister’s wedding, a wedding that was being held back in Colorado where the week was filled with outdoor activities galore. I did manage to get enough physical therapy in before heading out there so I was able to participate in all the activities.



I have to say that the wedding was one of the biggest highlights of the year. I planned a Napa bachelorette party for my sister and all her closest friends, and the wedding took place on a mountain in Colorado. We all knew the wedding was a success because the cops had to come and shut it down. It really was the wedding of the century, although I could’ve done without my breakdown in front of everyone during my toast.



A few weeks later in August my sister had to break my heart and move away from me. She has always lived here in New York while I’ve been living here and she now was moving to Colorado with her husband to begin their new life together. It is still hard for me to accept that they don’t live here anymore because, frankly, I haven’t known a New York without them. It petrified me living here in this city without her and it still does. I take it one day at a time and rely heavily on the small support system I have remaining.


In true New York fashion, the city has a way of kicking you when you’re already feeling down. Unwanted visitors came back to my apartment… Bed bugs. If you’re counting like my roommates and I were, that is three times in less than a year. It is a common thing that you will hear from those who have dealt with these mini devils. They would never wish them upon their worst enemy and I can attest to that. Not only is the process of getting rid of them draining and taxing but so is the emotional state of dealing with them. We also began fighting our apartment management company for not handling them the proper way the first time. That dragged out for quite some time, draining every single person in my apartment and creating friction for having to deal with this problem a third time. The only solution we came to that didn’t require a lawyer or taking our apartment management company to court was to move out when our lease ended in November. It was a bitter sweet conclusion because this meant Lucas and I could finally get our own place but I was losing the option of living with my two best friends.



My favorite time of year (September – December) quickly became a rough one but as much of a pessimist I am there were a lot of positive moments this year. The big one is Lucas and I got our own apartment in Brooklyn in a neighborhood we have fallen in love with! A lot of travel happened this year, Napa, Aspen, Joshua Tree, Fort Collins, Catskills, Vermont and Aspen again! With as much traveling as I did this year, I’m hoping to do more in 2018 along with leave all the bad in 2017.



So here’s to 2018, may you be filled more lessons, laughter, travel and memories that will be everlasting.


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