With the New Year here you will begin to hear about everyone’s Resolutions. You know, that dreaded word that means to do or not do something or in other terms something that you keep up for the first few weeks of January and then you forget all together. Instead of relying on resolutions I am setting goals for myself. Not only monthly goals but year long goals. I find that I have a better chance of following through with them if in my mind I view them as goals instead of resolutions.


With that being said a goal of mine for 2018 is to read more. When I was little I was a major bookworm. I remember going to the bookstore and being so entranced by all the endless stories that surrounded me that I couldn’t wait to immerse myself into. My mom would always find me on the floor with a pile of books next to me, I’d have to pick a couple at a time and then write down the rest to pick up next time. We also had a nighttime routine of her having to take my books away otherwise I would stay up all night under my covers reading, resulting in me not being able to get up for school the next day. Needless to say my head was always in a book.



Sadly the older I’ve gotten the more that part of me seems to be lost. It slowly began end of college and now I struggle to pick up one book to read. 2018 will be the year that changes, I have joined the reading challenge on Goodreads and have set a goal of 12 books to read this year. I already have a list of ones that have accumulated dust on my bookshelf that will now get the love and use they were destined for.



Follow along on my quest to reactivate the bookworm side of me on Goodreads. I will be marking every book I’ve read along with providing a quick review of it.



Comment below on what book you are currently reading or a book you highly recommend for me to read!


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  • Reading is for you–make time to read (&learn) as it nourishes the soul and heart. Winter is my season for reading–5 books just over Christmas holiday. No skiiing due to lack of snow–but ample time to read.

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