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As I mentioned in my 2017, A Year in Review post, I did quite a bit of traveling last year. I discovered the most amazing places around the East Coast. A highlight for sure was the trip we took over Thanksgiving.


A couple months ago I discovered this beautiful, quaint cabin through Instagram and immediately booked a weekend for us there. The cabin is the epitome of rustic, all electricity is run on solar power, out-house, and an outdoor shower when the weather permits. They advertise it is an off the grid cabin and there is no better way to describe it. Being Brooklynites it was exactly what we needed, a space to be off the grid where no phones/connections could distract us from reconnecting with each other and the outdoors.



There was a stove for us to do all our cooking along with a wood furnace that kept the cabin nice and toasty. I will say Ajax had no problem adjusting to the rustic life, I secretly think he wanted us to say there forever. We always notice a change in his demeanor when we go someplace similar that is in the outdoors. He thrives when having plenty of space for him to run around. Not to mention he loves mountain air, you can see it when he takes moments to just stand there, lift his nose in the air and breathe it all in.



When it was time for us to check out I won’t lie, I got a little teary eyed because I was not ready to leave. We had the most amazing time there and to make it even harder to leave it snowed on our very last day, transforming us into a winter wonderland. After being all packed up and only a few miles down the road heading back to the city we were already discussing that we should come back in the warmer months to experience it in a different season along with utilizing that outdoor shower they had.




If you happen to live on the East Coast or are looking to take a trip over here, I highly recommend you go off the grid at this cabin. You won’t regret it and you’ll feel completely rejuvenated after your stay.




Cabin Items: Suitcase // Adventure Blanket // Weekender Bag // Dog Safety Vest // Hiking Boots // Ajax’s Bandana //


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1 thought on “Off the Grid”

  • What a cool article. You touched on what a;; of us “wish” would happen to us–“off the grid”.
    Thank you for sharing story and photos. It look exactly as you describe your adventure. Ajax is one lucky and cool dog.
    Thanks for sharing–we can live through your travels.

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