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When living in a place that is known as “the city that never sleeps”, it becomes essential to escape that uninterrupted noise in order to keep yourself sane. In October, we decided to venture upstate for Halloween weekend. We camped for the first night, and for the next we booked a room at a lodge in the Catskills that I had been eagerly following on Instagram for awhile. That evening at the lodge was so unforgettable that we immediately booked another weekend up there for Lucas’s birthday in January.



After our second stay, I think it is safe to say this has now become our go-to escape from the city. Whether you’re in the mood to relax and read or utilize all accessible outdoor activities, Scribner’s will not fail to reanimate you. The lodge itself has resided in the Catskills since 1966 after an eccentric artist decided to gamble and purchase the abandoned lodge that was left behind from the 1800s. It was the era of woodstock and city-dwellers were escaping the city to experience the outdoors in the many ways only the Catskills can offer. Scribner’s lodge soon became iconic among those on the east coast.



Within the past few years the lodge, like anything else in life, grew and adjusted to today’s generation. Scribner’s underwent a massive renovation, reopening to the public in 2016, re-establishing itself as the it-place to escape to. With the scent of amber smoke filling its halls,  an aesthetic that will make your heart swoon, and specially curated rooms to make you feel at home,  I know you will be dragging your feet when it’s time to check out.



Still not convinced to take your next weekend trip here? Last decision factor here, Scribner’s is 100% dog-friendly! Whether you have a dog yourself that you hate leaving behind, or simply love dogs and enjoy being around them, there’s nothing better than being in a lodge in the mountains surrounded by amazing pups while sitting next to a fire making s’mores.



Now go book your next weekend there and maybe I’ll see you by the fire!



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  • Thank you for sharing–great article on what appears to be the perfect place to “get away from it all” in a setting that is peaceful and relaxing.

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