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Today is about getting down to the nitty gritty on skin care. It has been a long battle with my skin and I’m just now starting to figure it out. It’s an issue that I feel we don’t spend enough time educating or familiarising ourselves with, at least at a young age. Too much of my life has been spent treating my skin the wrong way and not knowing exactly what my skin needs to be healthy and happy.  As a woman I know the pressure and importance of having flawless skin and it can be very frustrating when your skin is far from that.


I am reminded of this struggle by the horrific memory of being made fun of in fifth grade for having my first pimple. I was one  of the very first children to start developing acne. From that point forward it only got worse along with my self confidence, causing me to wear an enormous amount of makeup in hopes of hiding. I can think back to being jealous of my girlfriends who seemed to have dodged the acne train and already mastered having flawless skin at such a young age. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school and after countless visits to the dermatologist that I decided to try the controversial medication, accutane.





The process of being on accutane was not easy, especially as a girl because you have to constantly get tested to make sure you are not pregnant while taking it. The acne however started to clear up right away and I had never seen my face look so clear. However I made the decision to graduate high school early and attend a semester at National Outdoor Leadership School. Due to living in the wilderness for three months for the semester I wasn’t allowed to stay on accutane. It was a short time that I was taking the medication but the combination of being on it for a little while and living in the wilderness for three months, not wearing makeup, my face was unbelievably clear, giving me this confidence that I never had.


From that year leading into my college years I was feeling confident that I had my skin under control. I’d have a few acne flare ups here and there but nothing compared to what I dealt with all throughout my pre-teen/teenage years. Even after college my skin seemed to be under control. It wasn’t until this past year that I noticed it started to flare up significantly again to the point where I felt I didn’t have control over it anymore. I’ve looked past on this year to think if there is anything in particular that could cause this and I realized that I have been under an enormous amount of stress, my eating habits haven’t been the greatest and I haven’t been exercising as much as I normally do. I’ve made a few changes but noticed it hasn’t made a big difference in my skin, only causing more frustration and flashbacks to those earlier times of having awful skin. It wasn’t until recently that my sister suggested getting a facial at Heyday.





To be completely frank I have always been nervous to get a facial because all I’ve heard is horror stories not to mention my skin can be very sensitive. After hearing about how much my sister loved this place I figured I’d give it a try, not to mention my patience with my skin was starting to run low so I figured what the hell?!


It has now been over a month since I got that first facial and I have already gone in for a second one. They suggested I completely switch skincare products based on my skin type after looking at it through a scope. There are still a few flare ups but for the most part my skin is on the mend. Others have made comments about my skin looking more fresh and radiant. During the first visit I got a complete breakdown of my skin, what has been causing it to breakout more than usual and whether the skincare products I was using were helping or not. Turns out they were not, my skin is on the oily side and the products I was using were stripping the oils so much, causing my skin to overproduce oil, resulting in a never ending cycle. After receiving a whole analysis on my skin for the first time, I was so upset that I didn’t do something like this ages ago. It would’ve saved me from a long time of frustration and bad skincare habits.


So here’s my thank you to Heyday for changing my skincare routine and giving me hope that keeping my skin clear won’t always be such a constant battle.



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