Recently I have discovered a new thing about myself that if you would’ve asked me a year ago, hell even six months ago, I would’ve said “nah, that’s not me”. However, that’s the beauty of getting older and keeping an open mind. You can discover new things about yourself or develop interests that never appealed to you before.For me, I have lately acquired a green thumb. Two gifts within the past few months have been plants, a cactus for Christmas and two plants from my sister for Valentine’s Day, both helped stir the crazy plant lady inside of me. I commonly joked I could never keep a plant alive and always admired those who could, but even then I can think back to my childhood and the dread of helping my mom in the garden, mostly because I was terrified of finding a snake. Well here I am, many years later finding myself longing to have a garden of my own.


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It’s no surprise that, when living in a place like New York City, it can be hard to surround yourself with greenery. Sure we have the parks but even then, it’s a substantial amount of effort on your part to go to the park. You can’t walk outside and be surrounded by some form of organic nature which explains why there is a niche group of people in this city that feel the need to turn their apartments into their own greenhouses or botanical gardens. Let’s just say from my recent discovery about myself I have become one of those people. I have been saying though that I am slowly turning my apartment into the second cactarium in the world, the first and only one for now is in Palm Springs, Moorten Botanical Garden and Cactarium. You may have seen photos of this place before as it has become one of the most photographed places as of late (which is completely understandable). Every nook and cranny is photogenic and you become exposed to over 3,000 species of cacti. I had this place marked as a must-see during our last trip to Joshua Tree, especially since my inner ‘crazy plant lady’ had been awoken. During our entire time there I was in absolute awe and mesmerized by everything, only stirring my green thumb more.



On some level I believe my love for desert plants began during the first trip to Joshua Tree last September when I was caught by surprise by how much I felt a pull towards the desert. Without going into too much detail, because I feel that that story is for another day another time, that love was beginning to gradually grow. This past Christmas I received a giant cactus for my apartment that I absolutely love and consider one of the top gifts I have ever received but it wasn’t until my sister gave me two more plants for Valentine’s Day that I felt a sudden urge to have/want more. Not only that, to justify my recent hobby or obsession, I have done extensive research on the benefits of plants in the home and these are a few of my discoveries ; plants help assist you in breathing along with keeping the air clean, they can boost your mood and productivity and reduce stress/fatigue. And those are just a few key points from my findings. Ultimately this recent discovery of mine has taught me that I not only have a green thumb but I am still learning things about myself that can still surprise me.


Editor’s Note: If you are a fellow plant lover, I’d love to talk tips and tricks in caring for plants along with just having the reassurance there are more of us out there. If you are curious how many plants I currently have, it is 17 and counting.


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