Having accessibility to the outdoors is something I didn’t realize I would not only miss but crave once it was gone. It never crossed my mind that being close to mother nature would become a necessity. The few moments I now spend in nature slowly become a way of reviving the soul and giving purpose to life. It wasn’t until moving to New York that these realisations came forward. When a substantial amount of time has gone by since last being in the outdoors, a restlessness begins to gnaw at every part of me. Little quick trips here and there helps but living in a place that makes it more accessible is what keep my insanity at bay.


Back in March during the second trip to Joshua Tree, more time was spent exploring the National Park and taking complete advantage of the desert landscape. Months later, I find that some nights my dreams are consumed with those moments of chasing the sunset in the park and being in a state of tranquility. Dreams always have a way of shedding light on what is needed and mine are always saying that I need the outdoors. I long to become one with the outdoors, the wild. I want to breathe it where it consumes every being of me.



“That’s the thing about being one with the wild, you’re always growing.” – Wilder



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