As much as I would like to think I was exposed to all things culture growing up, I still find myself learning about places, things, and people. One person in particular that has resonated with me over several years now is Georgia O’Keeffe. It may not seem as a surprise to some with my recent love for the desert coming forth but the more I’ve learned about her the more I see myself in some ways. The more time I spend in the desert the more inspiration I feel and understanding I have on why Georgia O’Keeffe escaped to New Mexico and produced some of her best work.

I never suspected a landscape like the desert would have such a big impact on me as it has. The mountains have always been home in more ways than one, no questions asked. The desert always made me nervous with its unknown terrain, wildlife, and lack of familiarity. The only time I’ve spent in the desert was after graduating high school early and partaking in a semester in the wilderness through National Outdoor Leadership School. This time in the desert was much different and the affect was overwhelming. A feeling of belonging consumed every part of me and a fire began to burn deep within. I’d like to think Georgia O’Keeffe had a similar feeling during her first visit to New Mexico. I’m beginning to think it’s the place loners discover and feel like they belong for once.




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