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  As much as I would like to think I was exposed to all things culture growing up, I still find myself learning about places, things, and people. One person in particular that has resonated with me over several years now is Georgia O’Keeffe. It […]

Healdsburg, CA

Healdsburg, CA

Just a few weekends ago I had the pleasure of traveling to Healdsburg, CA. It had been several years since I was in California and it honestly felt nice to visit for a weekend. I forgot how much I love Northern California and why I […]

California Getaway

California Getaway

So this past weekend I flew out to California.  It was so nice to get away from all the rain we had been having in New York.  I always forget how nice the weather is in California (hello no humidity).  Plus it was also nice to visit my alma mater, Santa Clara University.

I graduated awhile ago but I needed to do the ceremony with walking across the stage and everything.  My whole family flew out and celebrated with me which was unbelievably fun.  No one does graduation quite like SCU.  Besides having a graduation ceremony they also have a huge alumni picnic afterwards for all the new graduates and their families.  It’s one giant barbecue with a ton of alcohol and dancing.  It was one of the reasons why I chose to go to Santa Clara in the first place (don’t worry there were other reasons also).

As nice as it was to visit the Bay Area (Go Giants!) again I was excited to get back to New York and see Ajax.  Here are a few pictures from my weekend in California!

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Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 12.03.14 AM

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 10.56.20 PM

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 10.56.45 PM

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 10.57.08 PM

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 10.57.34 PM

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