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Sustainable Tourism: International Biodiversity Day

Sustainable Tourism: International Biodiversity Day

  It’s no surprise that the world is in a very delicate state right now. Not just politically but also environmentally. It’s a proven fact that we are having more warm days than cold days and the polar ice caps are melting at a growing […]

Skinny Dennis x Vinyl Ranch

Skinny Dennis x Vinyl Ranch

After living in Brooklyn for quite some time it is definitely starting to feel like home to me. I have my favorite restaurants, coffee shops and watering holes. I must say when it comes to deciding which place should be my go-to to let off […]

Healdsburg, CA

Healdsburg, CA

Just a few weekends ago I had the pleasure of traveling to Healdsburg, CA. It had been several years since I was in California and it honestly felt nice to visit for a weekend. I forgot how much I love Northern California and why I went to college out there. We made the obligatory stop at In n Out, but after our tummy’s were full with burgers and fries we headed up to beautiful wine country for our weekend filled with laughter, music and rosé. The ultimate reason for the trip was to celebrate a bachelorette tying the knot, and the town of Healdsburg ended up being the perfect setting for our celebration.
Due to having a larger group of girls we decided to rent an entire house. The place we were lucky enough to stay at was beautiful and accommodating. There were plenty of rooms, a large kitchen to cook, living room to play games and dance around in, not to mention the pool/hot tub in the back to lounge around by. If you are planning a similar trip for a special occasion I highly recommend seeing if you can rent out the same house we did; click here to view.



Friday we all got settled into the house and immediately took advantage of the 80 degree weather and pool. It was the perfect way for California to welcome our arrival and detox from the long cross country plane ride. For dinner we had several options on the table pending weather. Luckily the weather held up so we were able to dine at Campo Fina in downtown Healdsburg. They were wonderful in accommodating a large party; they placed us in their backyard patio area right by the bocce ball court. Our dinner was delicious. We opted to do family style and ordered an assortment of dishes to share with one another along with bottles of wine. Campo Fina ended up being the perfect place to grab dinner, not just for a big group like ours but also for much smaller groups.

Saturday was our big wine tasting day! We had reservations at three different wineries spread throughout the day. Our first stop was Red Car Wine in Sebastopol, CA. Right as we entered, Michael our server, was ready for us with a line of glasses filled with rosé. In all honesty I have never been the biggest fan of the style but this particular bottle converted me. I have already searched for places in Brooklyn that would happen to sell it. The exact rosé we had is linked here.



The decor of the winery was just up our alley. In my opinion it had a little Brooklyn feel which I always love. The different wines we tasted were all amazing. I particularly enjoyed the Pinot Noirs. Below are the exact wines we tasted if you want to try something from this winery. If you happen to be in the area though I do suggest visiting their tasting room directly, and make sure Michael assists you. He was very enjoyable and knowledgeable for our tasting.

Here is a list of the wines we tasted here:

  1. 2016 Rose of Pinot Noir
  2. 2013 Estate Vineyard Chardonnay
  3. 2013 Hagan Vineyard Pinot Noir
  4. 2013 Estate Vineyard Pinot Noir
  5. 2012 Estate Vineyard Syrah



After we had a little picnic to make sure our bellies were full we ventured on to our next tasting at Quivira Vineyards & Winery. This winery was utterly breathtaking. They had a table reserved for our party right underneath their olive trees whose fruit were served with the tasting. Unfortunately they don’t sell them to go, I was wanting to bring home a jar so badly. Our server Alec was a delight and was throwing pun after pun keeping us entertained.  His sense of humor combined with the golden-doodle that crashed our tasting may have made this the group’s favorite stop of the weekend.

Here is a list of the wines we tasted here:

  1. Rose
  2. Fig Tree
  3. Grenache
  4. Elusive
  5. Petite Sirah
  6. Montepulciano-Sangiovese



Last stop of the day was Mill Creek Vineyards. After doing research beforehand I was particularly excited for this winery due to the setting and pictures I saw of the vineyard. The main facility is a beautiful rustic barn house with a water mill on the side and an outdoor patio area to sit and overlook the surrounding vineyards. However this vineyard ended up being a bit of a disappointment. We were a few minutes behind for our reservation and during our entire tasting the group felt a bit rushed by our server. We kept feeling like they wanted us to finish our tasting as fast as we could and leave. We weren’t able to enjoy the vineyard as much as we would’ve liked.

Here is the list of wines we tasted here:

  1. 2015 Chardonnay
  2. 2014 Reserve Chardonnay
  3. 2014 Pinot Noir
  4. 2013 Zinfandel
  5. 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon



Tipsy and happy we headed back to the house where a majority of the girls and the bride to be were surprised to see dinner was being prepared for us by a local catering couple. My thoughts while planning out the weekend was we all would be exhausted from the day of wine tasting and no one would want to cook for a big group like ours. Quivira Vineyards suggested I hire Odd Couple Catering and I could not thank them enough. They were so patient and accommodating during our months of emailing back and forth. They went above and beyond for the night and customized a menu specifically for the group: southern themed cuisine. The appetizers and meal were exquisite. Another recommendation if you are spending the weekend in the area and need something catered. They were truly a delight to work with.



Due to all of us being hard working professional women our trip had to be short but sweet. We all had flights out of SFO Sunday afternoon but on our way out of town we decided to make one last wine tasting stop: Banshee Wines in downtown Healdsburg. This winery was by far my favorite — not just in wine but also aesthetic. It has a southwestern decor that just made my heart flutter and the wines we tasted were so divine that those of us that traveled in from New York ordered a case of things to be delivered to Brooklyn. Still awaiting the arrival of those but I’m excited to have their wine again.

I think it’s fair to say all of us would’ve loved to stay longer and explore more of Healdsburg and visit other wineries. It was the perfect little weekend getaway and a wonderful way to celebrate a bachelorette party. Healdsburg has already been added to my list of places to travel to in hopes of revisiting and exploring the surrounding area more.



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Since moving back to Brooklyn, I lucked out that the apartment I found has access to the roof. It is such a spectacular view of the city from up there. This entire summer I have been utilizing my roof access whether it’s just taking pictures, drinking […]

Lake Placid

Lake Placid

Travel Thursday is back!

A month ago I had the pleasure of taking a little weekend trip to upstate New York. One of my roommates ran the marathon held at Lake Placid. I didn’t know what to expect, and all I knew about Lake Placid was that they held the Olympics quite awhile ago. Needless to say, the little mountain town and lake blew me away. It was utterly breathtaking. The mountain air was so refreshing after being stuck in the city for six months. The last time I had left the city was for christmas so I was in much need for a little break. We stayed at the cutest little motel that was a short walking distance from main street and the lake. All the locals were such a delight and unbelievably helpful. I’m not going to lie I forgot about how nice people can be outside of New York.

The marathon took place on Sunday and the weather could not have been more perfect for the runners. Ajax and I saw my roommate start, cheering her on, and then went for a long hike while she ran for four hours. I also had the pleasure of renting a canoe to go canoeing with Ajax on the lake. Unfortunately, I was unable to document our little date excursion due to the fear of tipping us over. It was  an adventure, though. Enjoy the pictures I was able to take. Another trip to Lake Placid is definitely in the works.
Lake Placid 4

Lake Placid 2

Lake Placid 3

Lake Placid 6

Lake Placid 13

Lake Placid 7

Lake Placid 11

Lake Placid 9

Lake Placid 8

Lake Placid 14

Lake Placid 1

Lake Placid 12

Where do you like to take a little road trip to for a quick weekend getaway?

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The Outdoors

The Outdoors

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  There are many ways one can travel throughout Europe. It all depends on what type of budget you are working with. Europe is filled with gorgeous five-star hotel/resorts that anyone would be lucky to stay. Unfortunately, that is not feasible for every avid traveler, […]



During my time studying abroad, I had the wonderful opportunity to explore numerous parts of Italy. It’s difficult to pick one place, in particular, that was the most beautiful because each place was beautiful in its own way. One of those breathtaking places that I had the opportunity to travel to more than once was the Amalfi Coast. My first trip there was during my first month in Italy, the second time was for Christmas with my family. There are many places that I would suggest to anyone that may be traveling to Italy at some point, but the Amalfi Coast is a must. It will take your breath away with every view you take in.


Each town is unique along the coast along with the island of Capri. The island is beyond beautiful and has amazing views of the coast. If you find yourself visiting during the warmer months, I highly suggest taking a boat tour around the island along with visiting the blue grotto. It is a sea cave that is along the coast of the island. In order to enter, you have to be guided in a tiny row boat, you may need to lay completely down in order to fit. Once you are inside it is like nothing you have ever seen. The sunlight passes through an underwater cavity that illuminates the seawater to create a blue reflection throughout the cave. If you manage to venture into this cave, you have then seen one of the seven natural wonders of the world. One more thing to cross off your bucket list!

After the boat tour, take your time exploring the island, get your feet wet at the beaches, and enjoy a delicious Italian meal with a few of the crystal blue sea. It is easy to walk around the island and get lost. During your time on Capri, I also highly suggest trying the infamous limoncello. Whether it’s too tart for you or the most delicious thing, you’ve ever had you won’t regret drinking like a local.



After wandering around the island, you’ll be more than ready to head back to the mainland to indulge in some of the best pizza you’ll ever have. If you don’t at least have one meal solely dedicated to pizza in the Amalfi Coast, you are doing something wrong. Once you’ve experienced true Italian pizza it will be almost impossible to go back to American pizza. The other great phenomenon about Italian pizza, is it doesn’t make you feel like crap or guilty afterwards. It leaves you feeling refreshed and satisfied. As for dessert, it is always gelato and more gelato!



Throughout all of the towns along the coast, Positano was by far my favorite. Once you arrive, you must walk down the ‘thousand’ steps walkway that leads to the bottom of the town. I’m not completely sure if it is a thousand steps or not but once you get to the bottom your calves will be twitching and aching like never before. It’s a perfect workout with an amazing view, and once you reach the bottom it gives you the perfect excuse to relax and lay out on the beach for the next few hours. Positano is a town that consists of colorful stones piled on top of one another. The colors and buildings are magnificent from the beach below. Positano is also home to an amazing customs sandals cobbler. It is a little shop that you will easily miss if you are not keeping an eye out for it. The sandals are beyond beautiful and nothing like what you would find at Nordstrom. I still wear my pair to this day, and they are still in perfect condition after quite a few years. It’s a great souvenir that will always remind you of the Amalfi Coast every time you take a step in them.





If you have a travel bucket list like me and Amalfi Coast is not already on it, write it on there immediately. It will be a place that you won’t regret visiting and may repeatedly visit throughout the years. My first time there I stayed in a wonderful youth hostel and then the second time around a five-star resort with my family. Both times were equally as magical and exciting. Throughout all my travels in Europe I’ve come to realize it isn’t about where you stay but how you utilize your stay. You don’t have to book the fanciest hotel to have the most amazing trip. Explore the city or region like a local, immerse yourself and you will have an everlasting experience that you will dream about for years to come.

Is the Amalfi Coast on your travel bucket list?

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Cinque Terre

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