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I personally feel that one’s bedroom says so much about them.  You have designed and put everything together to your liking and interest.  A bedroom can be ones escape or even inspiration.  I love decorating and thinking of new ways to re-do my bedroom!  My guilty pleasure is finding new bedding.  I always get sick of my bedding easily and want to replace it right away.  A few beddings that I have been eyeing for my room next year are from Anthropologie.

0b38568504e1fb96c8cc1c55c8e38b78I absolutely adore this blush pink bedding from Anthropologie.  I just think it is so elegant but not in your face girly.  I’m always scared with lighter colored bedding that I’m going to ruin it.  I eat a lot in my bed while watching Netflix or HuluPlus.  I rarely if ever spill but it just always makes me nervous, like wearing white pants.  Plus I have a chocolate lab and labs and these delicate comforters don’t mix

c7b23ad2714398fd1e7e7208859e9775This is another comforter from Anthropologie that I just love! This one I could never get because it’s all white.  There are other colors that the comforter comes in but I personally am obsessed with the white

f673ad5f57769552c2e28549a0e0b253This is the same comforter as the blush pink one above but in a light grey.  I was full on planning to get this color of the comforter but it is sadly no longer available.

0b0d8d1c68ed4fdf96b04bb935d617f9I think it is so fun after figuring out your bedding is deciding on how to tie your room together with it.  I just admire how this room was done with all the unique pieces on the wall along with the decorative monogrammed pillows (personally a must) and the splash of color with the hot pink.  Oh I would give anything for this to be my bedroom but sadly this sort of color scheme is not Ajax friendly.

5a4828537fc91813a81dd00f8887b2b2I have to say I am going to try my absolute hardest when looking for a place next year to find one with some sort of brick wall included in the layout.  Oh I just absolutely adore this room with the brick wall behind the bed! I have to say when designing and furnishing my room next year in my new place this wil be my bedroom inspiration.  I have always loved that sort of bedframe and find it so simple yet stylish without being over the top.  Keep your fingers crossed that I’m able to find an apartment next year with some brick walls in it (hopefully my room)!


I figured I’d start my first Decor post with the bedroom for it’s so intimate and insightful.  My bedroom is by far my favorite room for I absolutely love sleeping or just laying around in bed all day.  If I could do that for a living oh I would in a heartbeat!  My bed has to be very comfortable with tons of pillows that I can just sink into.  A lot of times I look forward to Sunday because I usually spend it all day in bed sleeping or watching shows/movies on my computer.  It is just so idyllic for me where my bedroom has to be designed as my own little haven.



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