Kitchen Krazed

I’m not the greatest cook in the world but I love the kitchen.  When I’m on the search for my apartment next year I want to have a decent/stylish kitchen to motivate me to practice my cooking skills.  When it’s time for a house in my life I would love nothing more than a beautiful kitchen to cook in for everyone I care about.


With this kitchen I love the white cabinets with the black countertops.  It’s so chic and elegant.  I will definitely want to have a ledge above my stove in my apartment.  I’m obsessed with the chalkboard they placed on the ledge and have decided I am now on the search for one very similar.  It’s the perfect touch to the kitchen without placing a picture frame.



When it comes to figuring out how I would love my kitchen to be designed for my house some day, I adore these two kitchens! I am all about the bricks behind the stove area.  (I’m a little crazy about brick walls in the house as you can tell by my last decor post)  I think the country feel for both kitchens is just exquisite not to mention I have to have beamed ceilings like the first kitchen.

I’m all about the kitchen being an inviting and warm place.  I remember growing up I would sit on the counter top in my family’s kitchen and talk with my mom and sister.  It was a family gathering place besides a place to cook and eat.


My ultimate dream kitchen though is Colorado inspired.  I love the log wooden feel of a home like what you see in Colorado.  That is what I’m hoping for my house to look like someday.  I’m praying to have a view like the one outside the kitchen window in the kitchen above.

As I’ve said before, I’m not the best cook but I aspire to improve my cooking skills.  I dream of having an amazing kitchen to help achieve that goal.  I’m a little ‘kitchen krazed’ because of that.  Always looking for new ideas of how I would want my ideal kitchen.

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