Putting together my new apartment has been      a process but one that is moving along very quickly.  My previous apartment in the East Village was far too small to let my creative side out with decorating.  Since moving to Brooklyn I’ve gone a little crazy in finding different things to decorate my new apartment.  I have way more  space and the setup is ideal.  I feel my new place will be picture perfect in no time where I can snap a few shots to share with you all.  Here’s inspiration from a few pictures I’ve stumbled across on Pinterest.

For my bedroom here is what I have been taking inspiration from.

bed 1

bed 4

bed 5

I understand each of these pics have different color themes and styles but I’m taking something from each one to combine together for my room.  I love the warmth and simplicity that each of these rooms exerts.


As for my living room but I’ve been staying with warmer tones to establish a more cozy environment.  I love the idea of a living room being inviting where you never want to leave.  A great communal area for you and your friends to hang out drinking wine or beer while watching episodes of Friends or Seinfeld.

living room 1

living room 2

After a few days of moving into my new apartment and planning the setup of the living room with my roommates I found the perfect corner to place an item that I had been lusting after for months, a bar cart.  Everytime I’m on Pinterest I always see an adorable bar cart but they would always be way out of my price range.  I was on the hunt though to find an affordable bar cart that still looked as chic as all the ones you see on Pinterest or Instagram.  Rest assured I came across one from Target that I am beyond happy with and personally think it’s way cuter than a lot of the more expensive ones.  The bar cart below was my inspiration in setting up my bar cart currently.

bar cart 1

Lastly for wall decor I’m a big fan of the rustic mountain look if you haven’t noticed.  In true fashion of where I grew up I love having deer antlers mounted to a plaque to feature on the wall.  I absolutely adore this wall set up with all the different antlers.

wall decor 1

P.S. With the holidays literally here and the weather getting colder and colder my room will have a little holiday twist with the bedding.  It’s been a long time since I’ve experienced a true winter after living in California for the past five years.  I completely forgot how cold it can get and that flannel bedding is your best friend during the colder months.  After a week of freezing in my bed I decided to search for some adorable holiday flannel bedding.  (I couldn’t resist the sheets with labs on them, they are just too perfect for me and Ajax)

christmas bedding 1

holiday bedding 1

Where do you get inspiration for decorating your home?

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*Photos were found on Pinterest

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