See You Soon

Blush tree peek

Accent front smirk

Grey Skies full front

Recycled smolder

Weekend Wear side half view

Steps glance away

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Winter is officially here which means my favorite season is over.  It is always bittersweet when fall ends because it means no more fall foliage and perfect sunny days but the start of my second favorite season begins.  I always joke with my friends and family that if there was a place on this earth where it was fall all year round I would move there in a heartbeat.  There’s something about that season that just makes my heart light up.  I always have a permanent smile on my face the minute I see that first yellow/red leaf.  It is so beautiful and breathtaking in my eyes.

Here is a roundup of all my favorite fall outfits, enjoy and reminisce with me for more fall foliage kind of days.

What do you miss most about fall?

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