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Outfit Details // Top: J.Crew / Vest: Velvet / Skirt: Calypso St Barth (old), alternative here / Hat: Stetson via Kemo Sabe / Boots: Joie / Watch: Michael Kors / Sunglasses: Illesteva / Ring: Pitkin County, alternative here and hereThe

The fresh snow here in New York is already slowly turning into that dirty city slush but still is fun to have a blanket the city.  This snowstorm did give me major nostalgia though.  I kept dreaming about either snow days as a little kid and how excited I used to get or Colorado and how snow means great skiing.  The storm was underwhelming compared to what the meteorologists predicted, but it still was beautiful to witness through my window.

Taking it back to Aspen today and my favorite outfit I wore.  One of my favorite things about Aspen is you can dress any which way, and no one can judge you, similar to New York.  Everything about this look I adore, a touch of sequin, with a relaxed chambray shirt, and my new favorite hat.  They all seamlessly go together making this outfit fun to put together.

What is one of your favorite outfit combinations?

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