First Day

Today is the first day of spring, but I think Mother Nature got a little confused and thought it was the first day of winter. It started out light and fluffy where it melted as soon as it hits the ground but now it is beginning to stick. Winter is a season I enjoy more than others but lately I have been more than ready for spring and dresses weather. Simple activities such as going to the grocery store seem more daunting when the weather isn’t ideal. This entire winter I have been holed up in my apartment not wanting to bare the cold and drag around a thick coat from bar to bar. Last week when the weather drastically warmed up from single and teen digits I noticed everyone’s mood level skyrocket. I was in a happier mood, excited to get dressed in the morning and wanting to go running again. It always amazes me what warm weather and a little  Vitamin D can do for someone’s mood.

Recently I have looked back on a few past posts with outfits for spring/summer. I thought there is no better way to welcome this first day of spring than to compile together my favorite outfits from the warmer months. The countdown to warmer, sunnier days has begun.

Prints full view dress

Aztec half full wide view

Sunkissed side full view

City Charm twirl

Embroidered look up

Flower Child walk smile

*click on pictures to see original posts

What are you looking forward to most with the warmer months coming?

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