During my time studying abroad, I had the wonderful opportunity to explore numerous parts of Italy. It’s difficult to pick one place, in particular, that was the most beautiful because each place was beautiful in its own way. One of those breathtaking places that I had the opportunity to travel to more than once was the Amalfi Coast. My first trip there was during my first month in Italy, the second time was for Christmas with my family. There are many places that I would suggest to anyone that may be traveling to Italy at some point, but the Amalfi Coast is a must. It will take your breath away with every view you take in.


Each town is unique along the coast along with the island of Capri. The island is beyond beautiful and has amazing views of the coast. If you find yourself visiting during the warmer months, I highly suggest taking a boat tour around the island along with visiting the blue grotto. It is a sea cave that is along the coast of the island. In order to enter, you have to be guided in a tiny row boat, you may need to lay completely down in order to fit. Once you are inside it is like nothing you have ever seen. The sunlight passes through an underwater cavity that illuminates the seawater to create a blue reflection throughout the cave. If you manage to venture into this cave, you have then seen one of the seven natural wonders of the world. One more thing to cross off your bucket list!

After the boat tour, take your time exploring the island, get your feet wet at the beaches, and enjoy a delicious Italian meal with a few of the crystal blue sea. It is easy to walk around the island and get lost. During your time on Capri, I also highly suggest trying the infamous limoncello. Whether it’s too tart for you or the most delicious thing, you’ve ever had you won’t regret drinking like a local.



After wandering around the island, you’ll be more than ready to head back to the mainland to indulge in some of the best pizza you’ll ever have. If you don’t at least have one meal solely dedicated to pizza in the Amalfi Coast, you are doing something wrong. Once you’ve experienced true Italian pizza it will be almost impossible to go back to American pizza. The other great phenomenon about Italian pizza, is it doesn’t make you feel like crap or guilty afterwards. It leaves you feeling refreshed and satisfied. As for dessert, it is always gelato and more gelato!



Throughout all of the towns along the coast, Positano was by far my favorite. Once you arrive, you must walk down the ‘thousand’ steps walkway that leads to the bottom of the town. I’m not completely sure if it is a thousand steps or not but once you get to the bottom your calves will be twitching and aching like never before. It’s a perfect workout with an amazing view, and once you reach the bottom it gives you the perfect excuse to relax and lay out on the beach for the next few hours. Positano is a town that consists of colorful stones piled on top of one another. The colors and buildings are magnificent from the beach below. Positano is also home to an amazing customs sandals cobbler. It is a little shop that you will easily miss if you are not keeping an eye out for it. The sandals are beyond beautiful and nothing like what you would find at Nordstrom. I still wear my pair to this day, and they are still in perfect condition after quite a few years. It’s a great souvenir that will always remind you of the Amalfi Coast every time you take a step in them.





If you have a travel bucket list like me and Amalfi Coast is not already on it, write it on there immediately. It will be a place that you won’t regret visiting and may repeatedly visit throughout the years. My first time there I stayed in a wonderful youth hostel and then the second time around a five-star resort with my family. Both times were equally as magical and exciting. Throughout all my travels in Europe I’ve come to realize it isn’t about where you stay but how you utilize your stay. You don’t have to book the fanciest hotel to have the most amazing trip. Explore the city or region like a local, immerse yourself and you will have an everlasting experience that you will dream about for years to come.

Is the Amalfi Coast on your travel bucket list?

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