The arrival of spring means rainy days, especially in the month of April. I love the warmer temps but a rainy day here, and there is the perfect dose. There’s nothing like curling up on my windowsill reading a book and listening to my rainy day playlist. Music has become a hobby of mine over the years, whether it’s discovering new artists, creating playlists or going to concerts. It amazes me how a 3 minute song can change your mood or influence you in so many ways. It’s remarkable, and I can’t imagine living without music. When the rain comes, my playlist consists of slower, sometimes sad songs. In my opinion, it fits the mood of the day. Today I am sharing with you a few of my favorite songs from that playlist, a few currently on repeat as the rain trickles down my windows.



1. Boom Clap (Charli XCX) – Covered by Lennon & Maisy

If you ever find yourself listening to Top 40 you probably at one point or another have heard this song by Charli XCX. Personally it wasn’t one of my favorites but a friend highly suggested I listen to this version covered by Lennon & Maisy. They both star in one of my favorite tv shows, Nashville and are amazing on the show. Within the first few seconds I was hooked, I love how they put their spin on the song, slowing it down making it a bit more emotional. Listening to their cover of it I developed a much greater appreciation for the lyrics and meaning behind it.

2. Cover Me Up – Jason Isbell

Country music has vastly changed over the years developing into a more pop esthetic. The days of the greats such as Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson are slowly dwindling down. A few new artists have begun to emerge though that remind us of the sound of true country music. Sturgill Simpson is one, and another that I have stumbled across recently is Jason Isbell. He sounds just as good live as he does on his record. Now if only Jason Isbell and Sturgill would tour together I would be one happy lady.

3. Nirvana – Sam Smith

There is no doubt that Sam Smith’s voice is breathtaking. His album In The Lonely Hour is probably one of my favorite albums of all time. Even though I have listened to it on repeat for hours, I still find myself getting goosebumps during every song. Awhile back, I discovered a video of him covering the most beautiful song. The first time I listened to this I am not going to lie, I did shed a tear. There is just something about his voice mixed with the lyrics that is enchanting.

4. Skinny Love Cover – Birdy

This cover came out awhile ago, but it still is just as beautiful. Birdy is a wonderful singing with a lightness in her voice. I always find myself playing this song on rainy days like today.

5. Wherever You Will Go – Charlene Soraia

I apologize for all the covers, but a lot of times I listen to covers more than the original. This cover is probably one of my favorite covers of all time. It is so hauntingly beautiful. Quite a few years back I was studying abroad in Florence, Italy and feeling a little homesick. I came across this song and listened to it on repeat whenever I was missing home. There was something about it that made me feel a little better. Now I always find myself listening to it when I miss living abroad.

6. I Love A Rainy Night – Eddie Rabbitt

After all of these slow and somewhat sad songs, I figured I end it one a more upbeat song. We’re ending the playlist with the 80s and hoping tomorrow we’ll wake up tomorrow to a sunny day.

What songs do you always listen to on rainy days?

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2 thoughts on “Rain”

  • Marielle–thank you for the wonderful photos. Puts all of us in the mood.
    I love anything by Sade- especially “Smooth Operator”. Thank you

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