Inspiration No. 4

I am without a doubt a mountain girl. There is no place that makes me happier than the Rockies in Colorado. But now and then I develop a strong desire to feel the sand between my toes while being surrounded by palm trees. Temperatures are continuously rising along with my craving to escape to an island. My Instagram feed is bombarded with beaches, palm trees, pineapples, and delicious looking coconut drinks. I may not be able to take a little trip down south somewhere, but a much-needed bus ride out to the Hamptons may be in order. For the time being I’ll be admiring all the beautiful pictures and dreaming of laying on a secluded beach.

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Where are you dying to escape to?

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2 thoughts on “Inspiration No. 4”

  • Bob Aire island to dive & Cabo San Lucas Mexico to sun on the beach. Also Baja Kino is quiet sleepy town on Sea of Cortez. Give me a Corona and lime–and I’m happy!

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