Must Love Dogs

It’s no surprise that I love dogs. I grew up in a very pro-dog household where at one point we had a total of three dogs along with the rest of my family. The majority of the time, we had big dogs, but we always had a small dog too. I do not discriminate whether it’s their size or breed, but I do have a preference. Small dogs are adorable and can be taken anywhere which makes them more fun, but nothing beats a big dog.

When I first decided that I wanted to get a dog of my own, I did not question what kind or size. I knew I wanted a big dog, and I wanted a Labrador retriever. Due to my many years of experience with dogs, I had no doubt that I could handle a larger breed. Now that I have had Ajax for a little over two years I am so unbelievably happy with my choice. I will forever remember the day I went to pick him out and how adorable he was.

IMG_2921I have never had a problem understanding the love people have for dogs, but I never understood how much someone could love their dog until I got one of my own. I imagine it is something similar to the love you gain the day your child is born. The love that I have for Ajax is a love that I have never experienced before; he is my everything. There are people in my life that have difficulty comprehending why I’d rather spend time with him or why he may seem like my ‘excuse’ all the time, but he’s my responsibility. He depends on me to take care of him in all aspects of his life like a child does.

To people who are not dog people, this may seem like the weirdest thing ever but I solely believe that dogs are more than dogs to us. I dread the fact that Ajax will not be with me for the rest of my life, but I’m so thankful that I get to be with him for the rest of his life. It will be a wonderful life together and a love story that I will forever hold dear to my heart.



Here are my top reasons why I love having a large dog.

1. Exercise 

Ajax has no problem keeping up with me exercise wise. The majority of the time I struggle keeping up with him. He’s been the perfect running buddy and enjoys every second of our long runs together. He is also a great motivator and when I’m struggling with an uphill part of the run he has no problem giving me that extra push or should I say pull up the hill.



2. Dancing Partner 

Labrador retriever’s range in sizes and Ajax ended up ranging on the larger end of that spectrum. When we are out, and about together numerous people ask me if he has any Great Dane in him because he is so tall with long legs. His size and height though make him the perfect dancing partner. When I play music in my apartment and feel like dancing around Ajax joins me and he is just about my height on his hind legs.

3. Security

This is sadly a huge plus for me. Our society is striving to change safety for women but unfortunately it may take years for that to improve. As a girl I feel way more secure having a large dog. I notice a huge difference when I walk around New York by myself and when I walk around with Ajax. People are actually terrified of him here and run to the other side of the street. He is the sweetest dog but knows where is loyalty lies. I sleep better at night knowing he is guarding us.

4. Cuddle Buddy 

Small dogs are known for being lap dogs, but nothing beats a snuggle sesh with a big dog. Ajax is spoiled and gets to sleep on my bed with me. His length and size make him ideal for spooning. Days that I’m feeling a little lonely he helps vanish that feeling just by cuddling up next to me.




5. Forever Puppy Dog Eyes 

Ajax has mastered the puppy dog eyes but there are times where I think his eyes just naturally do it. He has become one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met and honestly just wants to be loved by everyone. There is nothing better than coming home after a long day and seeing those eyes the minute I walk through the door. No matter how bad of a day I was having all my worries slip away the minute I see him because no matter what there is some comfort in know he will always be there for me and love me unconditionally.



What do you enjoy about the furry friend in your life?

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