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After a very hot and humid June the weather is finally bearable here in New York. I hate to jinx it but it has been amazing these past few days. When the weather is in that perfect range of 70s – 80s with very little humidity I can’t help but want to be outside all day. This summer will be my third in New York, and I can’t wait to see what memories I will make. The past two summers here have been amazing. Looking back on them it’s fun to remember what I did, who I met, and what I saw. Each summer I’ve been here I’ve lived in a completely different neighborhood, which has made each summer a unique and different experience. This summer I will spend in Crown Heights, and to make it a memorable one, I’ve decided to make a  summer bucket list.

  1. Have a picnic in Prospect Park
  2. Go to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens (I run by them all the time)
  3. Go to Rockaway Beach
  4. See an outdoor movie on a rooftop
  5. Attend an outdoor movie at one of the parks
  6. Travel to upstate New York  (Two weeks ago! Post coming soon)
  7. Travel to Rhode Island for a weekend
  8. Go hiking
  9. Cross off at least five more restaurants from my NYC restaurant list
  10. Take sunset pictures at the Brooklyn Bridge
  11. Drink out on the Willy Wall again
  12. Attend one of the free concerts in the city
  13. Lastly… Eat a lobster roll

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What’s on your summer bucket list?

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