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Outfit Details // Dress: Denim & Supply (old), alternative here and here / Backpack: Rebecca Minkoff / Boots: Joie, alternative here / Watch: Michael Kors

When I first moved to Brooklyn one thing I noticed was that everyone had backpacks. Initially, I laughed and found it very comical that all these adults were walking around with backpacks instead of tote bags or briefcases. I always associated backpacks with school and didn’t see the point of them outside of carrying all my books and notebooks to class. Needless to say after quite a few months of struggling with my tote and always having to switch my weight from shoulder to shoulder I decided to give the backpack trend try.

When Rebecca Minkoff introduced the Julian Backpack, I fell in love. I had seen a few other people around the city with them and just couldn’t help but lust after it. Finally after a long winter I decided to venture into Manhattan for a shopping day, first stop was Rebecca Minkoff. I decided to bite the bullet and get the backpack I had been eyeing for months. Needless to say, I more than got my money’s worth on it. All my other bags have been put on the back burner since picking this beauty up. I now fully understand why backpacks have become a thing beyond school.

How do you feel about the backpack trend? Yay or Nae?

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1 thought on “Julian”

  • Out here on the great plains we use Saddle Bags—just to darn hard to get the back pack on the horse!
    Great photos and look–love your blog—more please.

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