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It’s a common phrase that absence makes the heart grow fonder, or in some cases gives you perception. I’m sure my absence hasn’t gone unnoticed  on here but sometimes taking a step back can be beneficial on all fronts. This past year has been a roller coaster to say the least, with a lot of ups and downs. All in all it has helped give me perspective on what exactly I want to do and accomplish with High Alpine. It’s been an internal struggle because I not only want this to be a creative outlet for myself but I also want to create an open space for all topics of discussion for everyone that visits.

That’s when the inspiration was reborn and the long hours of brainstorming and copious amounts of coffee began. Finally the endless hours of staring at my computer thinking my eyes would never be able to blink again has paid off. From this point forward High Alpine will not only feature the light hearted posts you may have grown used to, but will also feature op-eds  about travel, lifestyle and culture. You will find a wide range of topics being discussed and featured on here in hopes of connecting all walks of life and creating a space for enlightened discussions.

Join High Alpine on this adventure to engage with others and achieve a greater understanding of this complex world we all live in.

Outfit Details: Suede Jacket / Bell Sleeve Top / Denim / Saddle Bag / Stetson Hat

Studded Belt / Turquoise Earrings / Turquoise Ear Cuff











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