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During my time studying abroad, I had the wonderful opportunity to explore numerous parts of Italy. It’s difficult to pick one place, in particular, that was the most beautiful because each place was beautiful in its own way. One of those breathtaking places that I […]

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre

*All pictures are my own.  The fact that I love to travel is nothing new. It is one of my many passions but one that is pretty high up there on the list. I’ve mentioned before that I consider myself a hopeless wanderer and I’ve […]

Travel Bug

Travel Bug

One of my favorite things in the world is to travel.  I love exploring new places and meeting new people.  I also love expanding my mind and gaining new experiences.  My family raised me to be an open minded person and to explore this amazing world.  I have been traveling since I was little.  The first time I went to Paris was in second grade and it was the most amazing trip ever.  I was obsessed with how gorgeous the bridges are and how intricate their details are.  Paris became one of my favorite cities.

In 2011 I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad for four months in Florence, Italy.  Those were one of the best four months of my life.  I got to experience the Italian culture along with traveling all over Europe.  I stayed with an amazing host family who were so kind and generous to my roommate and I.  My two favorite trips when I studied abroad was my weekend at Oktoberfest and visiting Amsterdam on my fall break.  I plan on doing both again at some point.

I’m the type of person where if I stay in a place for too long I begin to get restless and my need to travel just starts to eat me alive.  This feeling has creeped back in and I have become very restless with where I am and just wanting to go explore the world and meet new people.  With graduating in March I have decided to go backpacking through Europe for about two months visiting places I have yet to visit.  Each day I’m getting more and more excited about my trip.

I already have quite a few items such as my backpack which was the first order of business.  Yes, to answer some of your thoughts, I am going by myself.  I traveled all over Europe alone when I studied abroad and I feel so comfortable and natural doing that.  Luckily I’m already experienced with Europe to know it’s not that big of a deal for a girl to just go backpacking by herself.  I can be a very outgoing person and meeting new people has never been a challenge of mine but I also am very smart about who I meet/create friendships with.  Safety obviously comes first and I’ve got a good sense of intuition when it comes to that.

I plan on doing a special traveling edition for my trip on here.  I want to showcase what items I pack and how much.  I also would love to show that you can be just as fashionable even if you are only carrying a backpack when traveling.  There are also different fashions to represent abroad compared to back here and I will be showcasing those as well.  When traveling alone as a woman you want to blend in and not scream USA unfortunately.  When I traveled when I was studying abroad no one ever suspected I was from the United States until they heard my accent.  A lot of people asked if I was either Italian, French, or English.  I took that as a major compliment because I didn’t want people to automatically know I was an American.

So stay tuned for that adventure and Fashion Traveling Edition to showcase on my blog.  In the meantime here are my favorite photos from my time studying abroad!





















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