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Scribner’s Lodge

Scribner’s Lodge

When living in a place that is known as “the city that never sleeps”, it becomes essential to escape that uninterrupted noise in order to keep yourself sane. In October, we decided to venture upstate for Halloween weekend. We camped for the first night, and […]

Off the Grid

Off the Grid

As I mentioned in my 2017, A Year in Review post, I did quite a bit of traveling last year. I discovered the most amazing places around the East Coast. A highlight for sure was the trip we took over Thanksgiving.   A couple months […]



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Apartment Details // Bar Cart: Target / Couch: Craigslist (IKEA) / Faux Fur Pillows: Target / Bar Stools: Target / Serving Tray: Anthropologie / Bedding: Simons / Bedside Table Lamp: Target

I hope everyone has been enjoying the holidays.  Today I am letting everyone in to my little apartment in Brooklyn  that I have styled to look like a cozy little mountain lodge.  The decor/atmosphere makes it so much more fun to come home to after a long day at work.  The mountains are my happy place and I wanted to express that through my apartment.  Since I can’t be in the mountains all the time right now in my life I figure my apartment should feel like I’m there.  It’s my own little mountain lodge tucked away in Brooklyn.

Where’s your happy place?

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Yesterday was the first snowfall here in New York.  It was so beautiful even though it didn’t stick.  Winter is my second favorite season.  I find it so magical and breathtaking.  Whenever I see snow it always makes me long for the mountains.  There are […]